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This is not a disassembly guide; if you want FULL details download the Service Manual Below. Click Images to Enlarge View

Arctic Silver 5      Dell Inspiron Keyboard Removed   Arctic Silver 5 w/                   Before Disassembly        Center Control Removed        Keyboard Removed Applicator (Above)
Dell Inspiron LCD Removed       
      LCD Removed         Mother Board w/ Dust       Dusty Ventilation       Heavy Dust Build-up

  Dust Prevents Fan        Heavy Dust in system   Dust Removed with     CPU Before Thermal
  From Spinning                Fan                                  Q-Tips                            Cooling is Applied
    Dell Inspiron 1501 Motherboard   
  CPU with Arctic               System Fan After       Clean Mother Board      Successful Repair
  Silver 5 Applied                Dust is Removed

Click link below to Download Service Manual

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